Wednesday, 2 May 2018 – day 39

Another inclement day!

I think I’ve forgotten what it is like to live without a constant change in altitude, wind whistling through the rigging, the occasional crash as a wave breaks across the deck.

This new reality I’m living in is all pervasive.

I think the winds have been strongest today, mostly 30 knots tending a bit more to the north with the occasional gust exceeding this. The forecast tells me that the winds should change to a southerly in the next 12 hours, and it seems I’ll have tail winds from Friday. That would be nice!!

Otherwise I’m in good health, although a bit more sleep would be nice. The bottle of rum must have a loose stopper. All this shaking around seems to have dropped the level a bit.

I’ve had my first real serious disaster of the trip. I have a very practical thermos mug with a sealable lid. It disappeared yesterday. I can’t for the life of me find it anywhere. Now I’m reduced to precariously balancing an open mug and gulping it down before it spills.

A disgusting way to drink tea!

One of the most beautiful aspects of human nature is our curiosity! That ever-arising trope of the child that keeps on asking “but why” never grows old because it is not only true but also liberating.

I think that as we grow older and our self-awareness strengthens, this morphs into the age old question “why am I here”?

Sometimes this question strikes us as we view a large open landscape from a tall mountain. Sometimes it comes as we gingerly tread through human waste in the toilet of a bar at some late hour.

Sometimes the question is existential and strikes to the very core of our being. Sometimes it only refers to the current place and time.

Fortunately the weather is not quite horrendous enough to render me to a state of excessive existentialism, so I must be content with the later.

Why have I spent the last 48 hours in gale conditions in the Southern Ocean?

Because I can.

Because it’s awesome.

Because I’m raising money for a cause which is important.

I spent much of the last 48 hours curled up on a bunk reading many stories. Talented lawyers finding their souls. Victims of Hitler rising above the hatred. Radical musicians in love with the lord. The escape of a little boy, born in extreme poverty and hunger, from the trappings of communism via ballet. The list goes on.

I may be 600 miles from land in the middle of a Southern Ocean gale, but I was able to transport myself to each of these places and forget that if my keel were to suddenly fall off, I would most certainly die.

There are many kids in our beautiful country who cannot transport themselves away like this, but must sit there listening to every creak of keel and glumly watch the grey ocean storm.

Mum, my keel is held on by 6 very strong bolts that were recently surveyed and found to be in tip top condition. No need to worry!

Latitude: -44.836, Longitude: -165.241, Time: 06:12:41 02-05-2018 UTC