Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The sun is setting on quite an idyllic day at sea.

Last night was a little busy. The conditions were easy enough, however the wind shifted a fair bit. I was forever adjusting sails and steering.

Two rather large tankers passed by through the night. They seemed to be more scared of me then I of them, and they skirted well clear of me.

It was a half moon but cloudless, so there was quite a bit of light. The moon eventually set and I realised that the wake left by Perpetual Succour was lit by some luminescent life like a streak of stars through the water. It was wonderfully beautiful and kept me entertained for some time while I watched the tankers flit by on the edge of the horizon.

Eventually I got to sleep at around 3am local time and had a hearty sleep through to 8 am.

I awoke to find I was a little off course and gybed the boat around to the south, where it as stayed for most of the day. With gentle following sea and a steady speed of 5.5 knots, I couldn’t really ask for nicer conditions.

I had music playing most of the day. In a day of large and varied music collections, it’s quite nice to listen to music in the form of an album. I capitalised on the injection of a few artists to the collection at Wellington and managed to get through Joe Cocker, BB King, Janis Joplin, Roger Whittaker and a bit of Ed Sheeran. I’m currently reading a translation of The Odyssey. It’s quite easy reading, which surprised me!!!

I’m going to heat up some Mexican chilli for dinner – I’m pretty sure my stomach is settled but I’ll find out. I ate about a third of my chocolate supplies today. The Aesop’s grasshopper is quite the kindred spirit.

Latitude: -41.892, Longitude: 177.787, Time: 05:53:15 24-04-2018 UTC