The calm before the storm!

I’m sitting dead becalmed with sails flapping.

To the west is a beautiful sunset with every shade of orange and red possible.

The old adage goes, “Red at night, sailor’s delight. Red in the morning, sailor’s warning”.

I’m going to ignore it this time around.

To the north, trouble brews.

I’m told by the weatherman that it will onset quickly during the night or early morning with force 8 northerlies at its peak and stay for a number of hours. By tomorrow afternoon I’ll have brisk force 5 south westerlies that will take me where I want to go.

I suspect I’ll heave-to under trysail and storm jib. There ain’t much point in riding it south, and I have neither the inclination or the need to push through it.

I’ve got the guitar out. Singing “Dirty Old Town” at full voice is quite a cheering thing to do and leaves the ocean in no doubt that I’m quite at ease.

I’ll cook dinner soon and I might fill up the big thermos as well!

Latitude: -42.158, Longitude: -146.875, Time: 05:32:05 09-05-2018 UTC