Saturday, 5 May 2018 – day 42

It’s interesting, I’m double reefed and it feels like plenty of sail, but the wind is only blowing 15 knots.

I think that the frigid air blowing straight up from the depths of Antarctica’s ice chest means that the air is more dense and thus produces more pressure per square inch of sail. Seems like a good theory to me!

Speaking of which, my cabin temperature is down below 15 degrees for the first time, hitting 12 degrees this evening. I’m keeping all the hatches closed, especially as the wind is coming from a rearward direction now and thus can blow straight in through the companionway.

I’m not complaining however. With my ugg boots and thermals, I’m as happy as a yacht with two spinnakers!

Today’s run was excellent! 140 miles, making it the second best leg of the trip! This puts me nearly 5000km from Sydney and 1600km away from the nearest land (Chatham Islands).

I celebrated with a gourmet meal – Chicken Teriyaki!

I’m averaging around 3 degrees of latitude east per day, which means that the sun rises 12 minutes earlier each day. I think I’m starting to get a pernicious form of jet lag if such a thing can exist. Suddenly you’re making dinner as per routine and realise that the sun has already set!

I spent much of today figuring out the timing and course of my north-bound leg. It’s a little tricky threading through ocean currents, doldrums, and prevailing winds. I think I have a good idea now, but I’ll see what the weather has for me over the coming week!

Latitude: -43.049, Longitude: -157.468, Time: 05:28:51 05-05-2018 UTC