Saturday, 28 April 2018 – day 35

Happy weekend everyone. I hope you are all relaxed as I am.

I finally made more than 100 miles in a 24 hour run. The last few days have been between 60-90 miles.

The house battery is now fully charged with the input from the wind today, and it means I can now crank my stereo player back up to max and dance on the deck without worrying whether I’ll have enough power to run the AIS and radioes. I could always charge by running the engine, but that would be boorish.

I have been practicing my celestial navigation over them last few days. I found out I should have brought along ‘sight reduction tables’ and ‘Mercatorial plotting sheets’ for the latitudes that I’m working from. Not to worry, I have abreviated sight reduction tables which just requires a bit more work. I must confess I’m actually cheating in that I wrote a program to reduce the sights from scratch, but I know how to use the tables as well so it just saves time.

As for the plotting sheets, my large scale ocean charts are really too big to acurately plot the required angles, so I loaded up the latitudes on the chart plotter on my comptuter, and then traced the scaled latitudes and longitudes from the screen onto a piece of paper. I can now plot the angles on this paper and then transfer the calculated positions to the big charts.

Celestial navigation is beautiful both in practice and in nomenclature. I suspect once I get back to civilisation, I’m going to bore everyone with endless discussions of azithmuths, meridians and intercepts. You find it’s quite simple and intuitive once you’re actually doing it!

I’m not the best at it yet, but I seem to be within 5 miles odd of what my GPS is telling me, so I should be able to find somewhere even if I have a total power failure.

It looks like the weather is gearing up for some 25 knotters in a few days. Not exactly gales, but less comfortable nonetheless. It will be beam reach sailing, so I might get some fast daily runs in!

One of my core theories of life is: when you’re on a good thing, stick to it! So I had pancakes again today!

Latitude: -43.115, Longitude: -174.826, Time: 07:16:22 28-04-2018 UTC