Saturday, 19 May 2018 – day 56

I had to go on a diet today.

With the more moderate tailwinds of the last two days, my apparent wind is practically zero. If the wind is 10 knots, and I’m moving in the same direction, I feel the wind at 4 knots.

Sadly this means that my wind turbine generator has not been spinning, leaving my to rely solely on my solar panel, which gives out a quarter of the power for half the time. (Moonlight doesn’t do much for it)

I had been using my laptop a good deal over the 48 hours prior to this, so I think my battery was a little low anyway. I have a fully charged secondary battery, but I save that for starting the engine if I need to.

This means that all electrical devices were off and my reading stores took another dint.

I had put a slight haitus on reading for the last week, as my stores are diminishing somewhat, so I decided to make myself a computer game, hence the laptop use.

I present to you space invaders ala Pacific Ocean. 1049 lines of the pure goodness of ANSI C. Driven by a bullet proof object/entity based engine with collision detection and rudimentary physics capabilities. A little complex for space invaders, but I wanted to make it scalable. The graphics are not much to write home about, so I won’t.

I haven’t done any serious programming for at least 4 years, and I don’t have any language references manuals, so it was a bit a of a struggle, but it is amazing what a quiet solitary place can do when you’re trying to drag things out of the annals of your mind!

I also spent a good amount of time sitting out on the deck today with the guitar. It’s no longer an assault on the senses to be out of the cabin. I even recorded the highest temperature of my second leg. 25 degrees!

I flung open all hatches and let the breeze and sun into places that aren’t usually presented to the elements.

In keeping with the theme of my previous updates, I should mention that I’m now halfway between Yamba and Lismore!

Latitude: -29.292, Longitude: -137.551, Time: 05:12:24 19-05-2018 UTC