Monday, 23 April 2018

10 hours into a new start.

It was interesting to compare and contrast this departure with my previous departure from Sydney.

Waving family, hugs goodbye, familiar waters disappearing!

I think any voyage of this kind will bring about self-reflection, and it’s hard to admit wracking self-doubt to others or even to oneself when it comes to crunch time.

This time is quite different. I know what it is like to face a rising sea without any thought of running to land. I’ve grown to know every inch of Perpetual Succour. I can accurately assess sea and wind state while lying in my bunk just from the noises.

Today started with an early rise. I decided to avoid a last hot shower to get me in the mood. After settling marina accounts, I pottered around checking various, securing cargo, and warming up the engine.

I avoided breakfast, I have a theory that the inevitable sea sickness at the start of a journey is better handled with an empty stomach.

Customs in New Zealand are a little different than Australia, they actually like to watch you undock set off into the sunset. Which was nice in a way, I got some friendly waves and some good wishes!

There was very little wind in the harbour, I tried a few times to raise sail as promising puff would blow across, but to no avail! I ended up motoring for much of the first 4 hours, I was keen to get out of the strait and its currents.

Finally I had a nice 5-10 knot headwind and got the sails up and the auto steering working

Hunger eventually got the better of me, and I heated up some vegetable soup for a late lunch. This promptly rendered me a bit queasy, but I had the perfect solution. Down to the bunk and a nap for an hour sorted everything out.

It’s now dark and I’m sitting in the cockpit typing away as doing it down in the cabin would be bad for the stomach. I can still see the friendly flash of a light house on the southern-most tip of the north island and I’m playing chicken with the occasional light spray as a bigger wave hits, trying to save my keyboard from an unwelcome baptism.

The winds should stay fairly regular and I’m far enough from land to feel safe again, so hopefully a good sleep tonight and maybe just a light breakfast!

Latitude: -41.704, Longitude: 175.545, Time: 08:12:23 23-04-2018 UTC