Monday, 21 May 2018 – day 58

A snail was once asked to a wedding and set out to go, but arrived at the christening. In front of the house it fell over the fence, and said: ‘Speed does no good’!

It wasn’t a day for records. Tacks, gybes, bearing on, bearing off.

I had a run of 25 miles today, and every inch of those 25 miles was hard fought for, with little puffs of wind from every point on the compass.

Not to worry, I have 830 pages of Grimm’s Fairy Tales to teach me to be content with my lot, but at the same time dream of great things!

It’s seems a little strange to be spending so much effort for a couple of miles, but I’m only 300 miles south of where the pilot charts indicate the trade winds will speed me to the equator with great gusto! Every inch is an inch closer.

I’ve been spending the last week getting to know the skies better. It’s nice to have names for all those twinkling things keeping me company! Acrux, Rigul Kent, Canopus, Sirius, Antares, Betelgeuse. All friendly as pie!

Latitude: -28.451, Longitude: -137.442, Time: 05:10:01 21-05-2018 UTC