Monday, 14 May 2018 – day 51

Passage making is a fickle thing. The moment you get a good days run, you immediately extrapolate a similar speed to the rest of your journey.

A few days ago, I was level with Hobart. Now I’m north of Melbourne and rapidly closing in on Sydney. At this rate I’ll be at the equator before June!

It’s been an overcast blustery day, with a few trips out to the cockpit for course adjustments and to put in and shake out reefs. The winds started from the northwest and have now swung around to south as I skitter up the edge of a high pressure system that’s offering protection from the next big low that is coming through the South Pacific.

I’ve made good progress nonetheless with a day’s run of 120 miles.

It wasn’t the best day for sitting out on the foredeck sewing, so I spent the rest of today reading T.E Lawrence’s Revolt in the desert. He certainly doesn’t skimp on descriptions of his camel journeys!

Sadly I have no self-control when it comes to saving delicacies for the future. All my chocolate and other such niceties have long passed into the netherworlds. I was cleaning out my food cupboard this morning and found a packet of honeyed peanuts. I was going to have pancakes for lunch, but I gorged myself silly on these instead.

My fresh food has kept well with the cooler conditions down south. I still have a good quantity of onions, as well as 10 potatoes, three oranges, and three apples.

Loading my supplies at Sydney

The only thing that is a bit of a worry in terms of stores is my porridge. I have porridge, with a few sultanas sprinkled, in for breakfast every morning, a wonderful routine which I’ve stuck to regardless of rain, sun, or gale. I left Wellington with 7 kg of oats, and I’ve used 3kg in 19 days. From tomorrow I’m going to ration to one cup of oats per serve instead of two 🙁

Each day I tune into the Pacific sea farers net, an amateur radio network that takes place at 0300 UTC with yachts all over the Pacific. I only have a marine licence so I don’t broadcast, but today I heard a yacht that’s only 1000 miles from me! It’s nice to have some company.

They also put out a call today for people to keep an eye out for a 72 yo solo sailor that left Panama 6 weeks ago on a 40 foot ketch bound for Hawaii, and hasn’t been heard from for few weeks. I hope he’s ok!!

Latitude: -37.353, Longitude: -143.396, Time: 05:19:22 14-05-2018 UTC