Friday, 4 May 2018 – day 41

The sun did shine, the birds did sing.

Well if albatrosses could sing, they would have. Nevermind, I did the singing for them

I had pleasant conditions for most of the day, with a lovely 10 knot southerly and a gentle south west swell. If that isn’t fair winds and a travelling sea, I don’t know what is.

I creamed along at six and half knots with very little effort.

The weather is a little more inclement this evening with some rain and stronger winds.

I have two negatives to report. One expected, one quite annoying.

The wire kicking strap that holds the boom down has always looked a bit old. It started to strand after some of the stronger winds over the last few days, so I replaced it with spectra rope. Low stretch and just as resilient!

The far more annoying event was the loss of my electronic charts for the South Pacific.

I put aside my laptop last night to pick up my coffee cup, and a particularly big wave hit right at that time, sending my laptop flying.

The laptop is fine, but the SD card, upon which all my charts are stored, fell out and parted neatly in twain.

I have all the North Pacific and American coastal charts backed up elsewhere, but not so for the South Pacific.

I have hard copies to fall back on, so my navigation won’t suffer, but such is life.

Latitude: -43.72, Longitude: -160.47, Time: 05:49:16 04-05-2018 UTC