– Why Indigenous Literacy?

Because it matters. 75% of Indigenous kids in remote communities don’t reach minimum reading standards by Year 5.

In a society where reading is so important to function on a day to day basis, these kids with so much potential are left behind, leading to a cycle of poverty and chronic disease.

Many of the hopes and dreams and passions that have led me to success throughout my life were sparked from the books that I was lucky enough to read as a child. I am excited to be able to utilise my own passions to help Indigenous children receive what I received.

– Who are the Indigenous Literacy Foundation?

They tell their story better than I can!

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

– How did you get into sailing

I have loved reading since I was young. At the tender age of 8, I came across Joshua Slocum’s autobiography detailing his voyage as the first man to sail alone around the world and I was hooked! I read every book I could find about sailing.

Eventually I saved enough money to buy a sailing boat. I watched several YouTube videos, put the boat in the water, raised the sails, and was off.

The first time I dared to go out into open ocean waters, I was overwhelmed by an amazing sense of peace and a desire to keep going towards the horizon. The rest is history.

– What boat are you using?

I have an S&S 34 – a 10 metre sailing boat with an excellent reputation for solo ocean crossings. There have been at least 4 solo circumnavigations in this model of boat including our very own Jesse Martin and Jessica Watson.

– What do you do apart from sail across oceans?

I am a doctor, working in Western Sydney. I plan to be an anaesthetist one day.

– What are you going to do once you get there?

Have a nice long slow beer and sail back!

– What are you going to eat?

Vast quantities of Vitamin C tablets.

– What will you do if you see mermaids.

Jump overboard and furiously swim towards them while singing Disney songs.