Vegemite and pancakes

We scooted along in the morning, maintaining similar speeds to yesterday, when suddenly, it was time to shake out a reef.

An hour later I was showing full sail and we ambled along very happily.

I thought the winds might hold until late in the evening, but alas, it was not to be. By mid-afternoon things slowed down a fair bit.

The wind couldn’t quite figure whether it wanted to blow, and if so, in what direction. Nonetheless, most of it has been somewhere on the beam in various in fits and starts, and with lots of adjustments, I managed to eek out 4 knots for much of it.

I was on track for 135 miles, which turned ended up as just shy of 120 miles, putting me 150 miles from land!

My ship proximity alarm went off again today. The Mokhiata (or something like that) was 10 miles away, going at 22 knots, bound for Hawaii, and headed straight for my guts.

Not long after I saw it, they altered course to starboard and ended up passing me a mile or so to my port. As it went by, a friendly lady with a dulcet American accent called me up on VHF to say that even a few miles out they couldn’t see me, and that I was a smart cookie for running AIS.

Feeling a little chuffed that a ship 5000 times larger altered course for my little Perpetual Succour, I thanked them very kindly for altering course and letting me know about visibility. Perpetual Succour turned her pretty nose into the wind and proudly danced across the waves for the next few miles to show her appreciation.

With all my honey consumed, and in a fit of desperation, I tried vegemite on my pancakes this morning. I entered into the venture as a confirmed skeptic. But now I will just say, don’t knock it until you try it!

It’s been bitterly cold today. You might be thinking that it’s just because I’ve spent the last few weeks in the tropics, and you’d be right. However the cabin temperature dropped to 17 degrees and my mother taught me on her knee – anything less than 20 degrees is jumper weather. I shivered all day before I remembered the solution and dug out my woollen jumper and ugg boots. So much for Sunny California!

I’ve decided that I’m not going to make any predictions about what future winds hold in store for me. I will just observe what is given to me, and sail accordingly!

Latitude: 32.331, Longitude: -120.649, Time: 05:23:08 01-07-2018 UTC