Excellent winds!

It’s the patronal feast of my beautiful boat (Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour), and we celebrated with our best run since the doldrums. 120 miles and not an inch of it was west!!!

The best thing about timezones is that I celebrated it in my home timezone, but I’ve still got another twenty eight hours left of feast day in my own timezone, so tomorrow looks to be a good run as well.

With this run, and a more promising forecasts, my ETA is probably much better than the pessimism of yesterday’s update. But let us see!

I just had the cargo ship ‘Hamburg’ pass about two miles to my rear and screaming along at 15 knots. I’m not sure if he altered course or not, but I didn’t have to do do anything but watch his pretty lights go by.

We had a lot of water wash over the decks overnight, and my storm sail broke free from it’s lashings. So I had to do a bit of work on the foredeck to gather it in. There was still a lot of water washing over and it’s a bit chilly, so I got fully dressed up!!

You might remember “space invaders ala Pacific Ocean” – a game I programmed when I had to start rationing my book reading

Well my game got a facelift yesterday and a new name – Shark invaders!!

Latitude: 30.002, Longitude: -129.168, Time: 05:48:08 27-06-2018 UTC