It’s been a real grind for the last ten days

Poor Daniel has been downgraded to a lowly tropical depression and remains well south.

I’m now trying to make my way east, but the winds haven’t been too kindly and the best I could do was north.

I suspect the next few days will be similar, but eventually I’ll get far enough north to come around, or the winds will change.

I think the best case scenario is landfall early next week, but more likely mid week. Maybe Wednesday morning LA time.

After all the excitement over the last few days, things have quietened down. I’m just focusing on not pushing the boat too hard.

The dreary weather continues with 3 metre swell, 15 knot winds, and overcast skies. However, the moon came out through the clouds for about an hour last night. It was wonderfully bright with that lovely softness that moonlight brings!

In a roundabout way, it’s nice to not have use of the engine. I’d probably be using it now to push my way east. Think of all that noise and bother.

Latitude: 27.962, Longitude: -129.112, Time: 05:30:31 26-06-2018 UTC