A full night of sleep at last!

The hole remains plugged and the water remains properly situated!

I tacked back west today. Tropical cyclone ‘Daniel’ is in full swing 750 miles to my south east, and I can make more progress north on this tack.

At this stage, there’s no cause for alarm – at worst it should pass 400 miles south of me.

I suspect all the inclement weather I’ve had for the last week is somewhat related to the formation of the tropical low, but who knows.

I’m still not getting a lot of sun, but I had steady winds all night, and rather happily, got a full nights sleep.

I finally did my washing up. Since the impromptu swim, I’ve been avoiding going near water, but this evening I got the motivation to dip my bucket and get to it. Only 24 hours and the fry pan was starting to look like a Petri dish.

Latitude: 26.711, Longitude: -129.189, Time: 05:09:53 25-06-2018 UTC