“That’s enough for now, ay lads”

When I was a speck in the south west Pacific, a run of 115 miles had little meaning outside of the rather obvious fact that I’d sailed a good day’s run. There doesn’t seem to be much tangible difference between 7,825 miles to Los Angeles and 7,710 miles to Los Angeles.

Now I’m a speck in the north east Pacific, 115 miles reduces my distance to destination by more than ten percent! Suddenly, in the bigger scheme of things, 115 miles is a big deal.

But 115 miles is 115 necessary miles. No matter where they are sailed, they have to be sailed. Is the delusion in the south west? Is the delusion in the north west? Maybe they are both delusions.

Back before I was old and decrepit, I would run many kilometres a week. Aspirations of medals and glory can coax a young innocent lad to many acts of stupidity. Naturally, as the kilometres tick over, that little voice inside you starts annunciating little messages.

“That’s enough for now ay lads”.

“It would be quite pleasant to have a break now”.

“Running is a fool’s game anyway”

Saying no is a great way to make these voices argue back. So I used to play a little game of delusion.

I would look at an object in the distance and say: “You’re right little voice. See that old white gumtree? It’ll make a perfect spot to stop.”

Naturally, when you arrive at the tree, you look for the next mark in the distance and say: “Actually I’ve changed my mind, let’s stop at that lovely rock.”

Before I became old and decrepit

Both you and the little voice knew all along that this was going to happen, nobody was fooled. But a little delusion allows for a little balming of spirit.

I guess the 115 mile delusion is just seeing the positive aspect of the situation. You would become weary of getting excited at the difference between 7,265 and 7,150 miles quite quickly. It’s certainly not an activity one could keep at for 80 days. Instead a focus on the intrinsic aspect of the run is a good path to satisfaction.

The natural consequence of this is to live day to day without looking too hard into the future. The days blend into each other quite effectively and pass by quickly.

Suddenly, drawing close to my destination, I find myself awakening from this trance. Ten days ago feels like a heartbeat away, but in ten days, God willing, I’ll be on dry land.

Relying on a distorted reference, suddenly my destination feels closer than it is. Very strange!

Latitude: 22.760, Longitude: -127.710, Time: 05:08:06 22-06-2018 UTC