Squall after squall

A pretty little boat, floating under darkened skies, scantily clad in storm sails, and not a breath of wind!

That’s right folks, the orange sails came out today.

I’ve had squall after squall since last night, I may have jinxed myself a little by suggesting that we were nearly clear!

Unlike the confusion of the southerly squalls, the narrative has been mostly consistent. Dark clouds, strengthening winds, breaking point, dead calm, moderate winds.

This afternoon, getting closer to a squall, the wind was strong enough to overwhelm double reefed sails, and it was either hoist storm sails or heave-to. Not having any inclination to examine these waters any closer than necessary, I chose the former. Sadly, by the time I had storm sails presented to the weather, the weather was absent.

Not to worry, I’ve not hoisted them since 40 degrees south, so a little practice doesn’t go amiss.

I discovered a few days ago that I had an unread book on board. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins! I’ve been jealously hoarding it since and finally started on it today. It’s an engrossing read, but I keep having to reluctantly put it down to modify sails. Which is a good thing, it will last longer.

My book selection was a little more haphazard and rushed than I would have liked, as I tried to do a million things before I left. I’m not sure which I regret more. Not taking more rum or not taking more books!

Latitude: 20.993, Longitude: -127.127, Time: 05:23:03 21-06-2018 UTC