Antibiotics and my 200th flask of tea

After a sedate night, the winds were rather benevolent this morning and we raced along into a steady 10 knots as Perpetual Succour did what she does best! By early-afternoon, the wind was rather too kindly and the first reef in a while was set.

My heel gives me a little grief, but fortunately there are no marathons to be run out here so I cope just fine! It is probably a little overkill, but I administered a dose of intravenous antibiotics and am following this with a course of orals. It went in a fair way, and the thought of doing an exploration, debridement, and washout at some later date didn’t seem like something to be risked.

On the other hand, it bled a fair bit, and that should help with the cleanliness of the wound. I just hope CSI never examine the cabin floor!

My main water tank was close to empty this morning, so one of my jobs today was to fill it from the water jerry cans. The tank sits in a locker under my bunk, and I made the mistake of letting the plastic lid of the tank slide down the gap between the tank and the bottom of the hull.

After fishing about for an hour with every long thin implement at hand, while water sloshed everywhere, I eventually decided my only option was to remove the tank from the locker. It wasn’t the easiest job, it’s a tight fit and the tank is about 120L, although fortunately only had about 40 litres.

Despite the slow start, we still managed 112 miles! The first time I’ve cracked the 100 mile barrier since entering the doldrums. I celebrated with my 200th flask of tea. My flask contains 500ml, so that puts me at 100 litres of tea for the trip so far. Well over an average of a litre a day!

Latitude: 15.690, Longitude: -124.691, Time: 05:12:38 18-06-2018 UTC