Every good medical kit includes a screwdriver

It seems curious that, in our age of scientific discovery and progress, there remain deep imponderable, seemingly unanswerable, questions.

Does tinned spam taste like cat food, or does cat food taste like tinned spam.

Perhaps, like the age old questions, what shape is yellow, or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, the deficiency is in the question rather than the answer.

The situation on Perpetual Succour becomes a little dire. The oats are gone, the rum is gone, the honey grows short. Happily, I’m well endowed with with the aforementioned spam and I shan’t entirely starve. There also remains a third of a bottle of whisky, which I’m saving for any future difficult times.

Some have asked what my plans are upon reaching my destination. I have had much time to ponder this, and I have formulated a basic plan of assault.

Step 1: Eat entire block of chocolate.

Step 2: Find largest possible bathtub. Fill said bathtub with sufficient warm water and immerse myself in it for a goodly portion of time, leaving only my nose surfaced.

Step 3: Find satisfactory purveyor of cooked fresh meat and indulge upon at least half a kilo of said substance.

Step 4: Find nearest substitute for cold Australian beer and consume at least a pint. I have heard terrible rumours about our neighbours across the Pacific understanding of what correctly formulates beer, however my hope rejects such terrible libel.

Step 5: Ice cream.

As many of you are aware, my sister belongs to a Carmelite Monastery in Pennsylvania. She has asked me to spend a some time there assisting in the construction of a their new establishment. They are using the traditional technique of drystone construction, a rarity in these times, and the opportunity to learn from the masters is quite exciting.

I’ve not seen my sister since she departed Australia seven years ago, so I’m looking forward to it to say the least! (The vicious rumours claiming that I’m deathly afraid of air travel, and that this trip was the only means I could find to visit her, are quite false.)

I realised this morning that, in the period of calmness, my wind turbine generator had developed a stiff base and thus was not turning into the wind. I attacked it with WD-40, and now it faces the wind and spins happily!

When you start on a new tack, often objects emerge out of the ether as as your world is tilted from one side to another. A self-tapping screw appeared on my floor this afternoon, and eagerly embedded itself into my heel. Curiously, it had no objections to entering with a non-twisting trajectory, but insisted on requiring a screwdriver for the extraction. My over-elaborate medical kit came into play, and it’s all cleaned and bandaged – I decided to not use local lest I need the sensation!

Latitude: 14.272, Longitude: -123.905, Time: 05:10:05 17-06-2018 UTC