Another beautiful sunset after a hot and humid day

A steady and gentle north westerly saw a run of 90 miles today. I had pencilled in runs of 120 miles once I got out of the doldrums and back into the trade winds. However, with only seven knot winds and two metre rolling swells, it’s hard to maintain an average greater than four knots. The winds will increase eventually no doubt.

The impatient spirit that a new morning brings, saw me leaning over the edge of the boat and cleaning post-doldrum deposits of thick green weeds above the antifoul line. I had dreams of an extra knot, but to no avail.

By evening my situation was once more accepted and I relaxed in the gentle caresses of a steady breeze. The touch of the evening trade winds is like no other and the perfect antidote to the hot and humid glaring sun of the day. I won’t bore you with details of another sunset, but I sat there with the winds on my skin and fell deeply in love with Schubert. His piece St√§ndchen was a perfect fit!

Here is a picture of yesterday’s encounter with dolphins!

Playing with dolphins

Latitude: 11.698, Longitude: -123.149, Time: 05:31:12 15-06-2018 UTC