Doldrums finally

I’m writing this while sitting in the cockpit hand steering.

There are no stars and there is no moon, so it’s just me and the dim light of my compass to find a course. Otherwise it’s pitch black.

It was a bit of melancholy day weather-wise. Squally, confused seas, no sun, dead calms. Sounds like the doldrums to me.

It’s quite fascinating, you can watch the dark clouds of squalls develop before your eyes in minutes.

I still made reasonable progress however – 115 miles, mostly last night.

While I was lying in the calms, I was visited by a pod of dolphins. There would have been at least 20 of them. Of all ages it seemed. The young ones would race ahead of my boat, and then swim back as if to say: hurry up, come along!

Eventually they bored of my slow progress and left. It was quite exciting as the biggest sea creature I’ve seen since Wellington had been a foot long fish.

I capitulated a few hours ago, dropped sail, and started the motor. The first time the propeller has turned in anger since Wellington.

While the motor is running, I am the autopilot, so I’ll see how long I can keep going for tonight, hopefully I get some wind!

Latitude: 6.918, Longitude: -124.391, Time: 05:14:34 11-06-2018 UTC