Claustrophobic clouds

The sea had a menacing feel today. Quite unlike what I’ve experienced previously.

I think it was the cloud formation. While overhead was clear for most of the day, the horizon was cloud-filled at all points of the compass.

They weren’t decently shaped clouds either, just hazy off colour white with barely discernible edges. It gave off claustrophobic vibes which is an odd experience in the vastness of an ocean.

Nonetheless the barometer hasn’t budged an inch and the forecast is good apart from a dying cyclone and developing cyclone to the north east.

I’m a little puzzled, various sources seem to differ on whether these systems in the north east Pacific are called hurricanes or cyclones.

The winds came around even further in the early afternoon. I gybed the boat across the wind so that it was coming from my port rear quarter rather than my right rear quarter. With the sails set up wing ‘n wing, it’s a relatively arduous task for a solo hand, with lots of work on the foredeck to shift the pole and re-run some of the lines.

After that, both my steering lines to the wind vane finally decided enough was enough and chafed through their outer jacket. It’s curious that it happened to both on the same day – the wear must be quite even. Anyway I replaced the lines and put in bigger blocks to make them chafe a little less.

So plenty of work out on deck today, and it knocked the stuffing out of me a bit. I’m looking forward to a restful night. No sunburn today – I covered up properly!!

Otherwise I read C.S Lewis’ “A grief observed” today. It is brutally honest to say the least.

Latitude: 5.000, Longitude: -124.541, Time: 05:18:39 10-06-2018 UTC