We had a karaoke party last night

The entire crew came up on deck and took it in turns to sing the classics. It got a bit raucous, but the only audience were our old friends Lupus, Scorpius, and Sagittarius. They say sounds waves have trouble propagating through a vacuum, so we sang extra loud just in case.

Even the OOW (Officer on watch) took a turn, although his eyes would nervously flitter to the horizon between belted out lines.

The captain watched benevolently from the companionway, happy to see his crew having a good time. At the end of the proceedings, he gave a tear jerking speech thanking each and every crew member for their hard work, from the cook to the for’ard deck hands.

The crew then gave him a rousing three cheers and unanimously agreed that he was the best captain they’d ever crossed the equator under.

The wind came around enough today that we were able to run downwind under goosewinged main and poled jib. With no risk of spray, I rigged a tarp over the cockpit and sat with a book in the pleasing breeze that removed of any hint of heat.

Tarp notwithstanding, I got a little burnt, I think from the reflection off the water, in some of my less tanned areas. Nothing spectacular however.

Looking ahead, it’s possible that I might have a good doldrums crossing. There are westerlies on both sides, and it looks like they are converging without dead spots.

Having said that, once I’m through the doldrums the plan is to head acutely back north west to minimise cyclone risk and make the best of the upwind run into the prevailing north easterly trade winds. So if the north westerlies hang around for long, it could be quite annoying.

There’s cyclone activity off the coast of Mexico at the moment, so I’m keeping a good eye on it as I get closer.

Latitude: 3.148, Longitude: -125.626, Time: 05:10:17 09-06-2018 UTC