Passed parallel with Cape York!

The wind has started to come around to the east as expected deeper into the trade winds. This means less exhilarating, but faster and more comfortable sailing with the wind on the beam and less wave pounding.

There are a few mini-squalls about this evening and the sea and wind gets up a little as they pass over. This gives me some lateral rolling, but I haven’t had to reef so far.

I passed parallel with Cape York this morning. Farewell to Australia! I then raced on to another 130 mile day! Only 9 degrees of latitude away from the equator, and now I’m averaging roughly 2 degrees every day!

There were a few maintenance jobs on the boat today. My port lower shroud (one of the stainless steel wires holding the mast up) was excessively slackening and needed tightening. There is quite a bit of theory as to what the correct tightness should be, but the rule of thumb is for it to start to slacken at 20 degrees of heel, so I followed that.

Otherwise, I lost a bolt from one of the steering vane brackets overnight. When I did the repairs on it after the storm I lost one of the locking nuts, so I made do with a normal nut. The vibration and heeling of a fast sail must have loosened it up. I had found a locking nut in the meantime and I have a good selection of spare bolts, so all fixed.

I topped up the water tanks and also refilled my smaller methylated spirits container from the big jerry can. I’ve used 16L of metho for cooking and have 28L left, so no worries there!

Latitude: -9.281, Longitude: -131.152, Time: 05:10:56 03-06-2018 UTC