Mythical trade winds…

A disappointing night’s run of 25 miles followed by a moderate day gave a total run of 75 miles.

I’m beginning to think that these mythical trade winds are a practical joke, aided and abetted by centuries of literature, to play on poor sailors crossing through these waters for the first time.

Having said that, I’ve picked up a strong north easterly in the last hour, and now I’m flying along.

6.5 knots on the speedometer, bow thrusting through the incoming waves, heeling to 25 degrees. It’s a good feeling.

Fingers crossed it keeps going through the night!

I read Aristotle’s The Athenian Constitution today, I thought it would be a bit dry and left it until late in my reading selection.

Perhaps it’s the solitude, but at one of the passages, I laughed so hard that my belly button hurt.

Peisistratos, the ‘good’ tyrant, levied a tithe on everything produced. Anyway, one day he was walking through the countryside and he found a farmer digging away at nothing but rock. Peisistratos was surprised and asked the man what he would be able grow from this inhospitable ground. The man, not knowing it was Peisistratos, replied:
“Nothing but evil and pain. And of this evil and pain a tithe must go to Peisistratos”

They say that he got his taxes waived after such a cracking answer.

A couple of minor changes to my habits have crept in over the last few weeks.

Back in the south, the cabin temperature sat somewhere between 10 and 15 degrees celsius. To alleviate the injustice of the cook having to wash up, I was in the habit of staggering cooking, and washing up, and I would just eat directly out of the cooking pot.

These days, the cabin temperature sits at 30 degrees day and night. You can’t really get away with leaving pots and pans unwashed, so I’ve hit upon the great scheme of washing up before I eat, leaving just a bowl post meal to clean.

I’ve also started a daily exercise regime, 3 sets of pull ups, push ups, and squats. If you time it right, you can get quite a bit of assistance from the upward and downward motion of the boat. No use getting too carried away with these things!

Latitude: -13.539, Longitude: -131.733, Time: 05:16:50 01-06-2018 UTC