I’m at the end of my fiction stockpile

A reasonable day today.

I was hoping for 100 miles, but the calms came in the afternoon, and I ended up with 80.

Otherwise it was a pleasant day’s sail, effortlessly close hauled into 7 knot east north-easterly.

I thought I was charging my house battery all, but now I’ve just realised that I’d switched over to my fully-charged starter battery this morning to get a bit more power for the radio and forgot to change it back. So I didn’t reap the benefits of a good days wind. Such is life!

The moon is incredible this evening.

There is little swell, and no wind. Just a quiet cool night with a perfect full moon reflecting in the water. It seemed to rise, just after sunset, exactly opposite where the sun had departed from. Shining so brilliantly that it was almost as if the sun had snuck around and was giving it another go.

I can see the occasional ripple of a gaggle of fish circling the boat. I’ve managed to catch a glimpse of them a few times with the big spotlight.

Otherwise it’s just a quiet evening out on deck with a cup of tea in hand.

I read Turn of the Screw, and Pygmalion today.

I suspect that My Fair Lady misses the point, although I’m not confident I got it myself, but perhaps they wanted to make their own point, which seems fair enough to me.

I also suspect that Turn of the Screw is best read with the simple wide-eyed belief of an innocent child.

I’m going to check my box of books, but I think thus concludes my fictional stores, apart from a volume of the complete works of Shakespeare.

Latitude: -16.355, Longitude: -132.675, Time: 05:11:25 30-05-2018 UTC