A history of my fishing endeavours

60 miles today!

You might scoff and say how paltry, but I’m quite happy.

At 5AM I’d done 7 miles overnight. So not a bad finish to a poorish start!

It was mostly light winds during the day, but they were to the north east, and thus slightly forward of my beam.

Sailing with the wind side on is much more effective in light winds, and I kept at about 4 knots for most of the day.

I should mention my fishing adventures!

I started out from Sydney with 4 lures, a fishing rod, 80 lb line and not a clue of what I was doing.

I still don’t have a clue, and now I don’t have any lures either.

I started off over the Tasman, dragging the lure behind attached to a cord tied to a cleat. Nothing much happened over a few days, so I decided to switch to proper fishing line off a rod on the premise that the fishies are too smart to grab onto a thicker line.

It didn’t take long before I got a bite, and even less before the fish promptly bit off the line attached to the lure.

At Wellington I purchased some purpose made stainless steel plastic coated wire to put between the lure and the line. 140 lb breaking strength.

As ‘Red’ the boat shop man said: there’s some toothy critters out there.

Into the roaring forties, I gleefully cast another lure out, but sadly no bite for a few days.

The swell of the roaring forties is not that conducive to running a lure, and eventually the lurch from a big wave caused the line to get caught in the wind generator which is on the on the other side of the boat from the rod and another metre higher.

The wind generator won in what was a short-lived battle.

With dwindling supplies I waited until calmer seas before running another lure. Same method, less lurchy seas.

I think the waters through the variables are not that fishy, as I didn’t see many birds.

The water was quite blue rather than green. My copy of “Crossing the Pacific for dummies” tells me that this means there’s no plankton and the rest of the food chain can’t prosper. It’s quite interesting, apparently you need upward-flowing warm water from the ocean floor to sustain life.

After two weeks, the line broke at the end of the rod. I think the friction on the end ring wore it away.

Another lure gone. And no fish!

With one lure left, I set it running yesterday.

I wasn’t taking any chances, so I sacked the reel and line, and went back to the cord. This time I ran the stainless steel wire as well.

I heard a splash last night, which surprised me as the seas were flat and there were no breaking waves. Nothing to seen however, and no further splashing.

Then I noticed that the line was no longer vibrating as it does when there is a lure attached. The line was slack as I drew it in, confirming that my last lure was MIA.

Part of the stainless steel section was still attached however, and it looked like someone had gone at it with a blunt pair of wire cutters.

There is a creature out there somewhere with a bad temper, a lure hooked to its mouth, and probably a notched tooth.

I’m not sure to which species it might belong, but I am glad it’s not still attached to the back of my boat.

Latitude: -17.604, Longitude: -133.021, Time: 05:47:27 29-05-2018 UTC