My love for you is like salt

One of the pleasures of the last week has been a re-acquaintance with Grimms fairy tales.

With a televisionless early life, there are only so many books in the book case, and we had a thick volume of the above, which I read many times over.

I have a few favourites, one of them being “Goose Girl at the Well”.

The gist is that a certain king asks of his three daughters how much they love him, so he can know how to divvy up the kingdom when he dies.

The first says: “My love for you is like honey”.

The second says: “My love for you is like sugar”.

The third says: “My love for you is like salt.”

Naturally the king banishes the third daughter into the forest with a bag of salt tied to her back, and divides the kingdom amongst the first two.

She goes off and tends geese at a random well until the prince comes along etc etc.

In the version from my childhood, I think she goes back to the castle in disguise as a talented cook, and cooks an entire banquet without using salt.

Everyone finds the food horribly bland, and the king summons the cook and asks what for?

The comparison of her love for the king is compared to the dishes, the king recognises her, all is forgiven, and she marries the prince.

You would think such a wise tale would have had an impression on me, but no.

For some reason, I keep forgetting to put salt into the pancake mixture at lunch. I think today would be the fifth or sixth occasion.

The crew is most displeased and is threatening to maroon the cook on an uninhabited island with a single pistol-shot the next times it happens.

It wasn’t the fastest day today, nor the slowest. 110 miles further north puts me level with Townsville.

I should be in the trade wind belt, but it seems to have temporarily moved northwards.

I’ll probably get light winds for the next two days and then pick up these much fabled winds on Wednesday.

Hopefully I’ll be at the equator by the 7th of June!

Latitude: -19.264, Longitude: -133.433, Time: 05:10:24 27-05-2018 UTC