Day 4 at sea

A slow day today. I’m currently about 400km south east of Sydney.
Completely becalmed overnight, I dropped sail to stop the slap in the gentle rolling 3m swell.
Slept well and awoke to find myself surrounded by dolphins just before sunrise – a much more welcome sight than yesterday!
I spent most of the morning hand steering as there wasn’t enough wind to drive the self steering. Eventually the wind settled into a 5 knot east sou’easterly which I spent most of on a starboard tack driven by the wind vane.
I spent the rest of the day fine tuning various things on the boat and even washed my clothes.
I regularly sighted the dolphins throughout the day and there was a bird that circled me for hours.

Day 4 location

I’ve just turned the boat south to try and catch some westerlies promised tomorrow by the weatherman.
I listened to music most of the day – started off on Credence Revival and ended with John Williams!
Now settling down to tasty canned Mexican chilli!

Latitude: -35.16858, Longitude: 155.17195, Time: 07:00:00 27-03-2018 UTC