A guest arrives

The winds came last night at about 10pm and I had an excellent run of 65 miles overnight.

The phosphorous wake was there again and mirrored exactly the Milky Way spread across above me.

The morning came and with it light tail winds. I have been running a goose-winged main and poled-out genoa all day – It’s quite an elegant look and the first time this trip that I’ve run it for any significant period of time.

The Odyssey is finished. A rollicking read and well worth it. It’s funny to read of monsters hiding in cliff caves sweeping sailors off decks to gobble them down and Zeus’ thunderbolts wreaking revenge for the slaughtering of forbidden livestock, while here I go in gentle rolling seas with easy winds.

One thing I’ve noticed that every time someone comes into court and tells a good story, he gets rewarded with a good meal and sometimes even a passage home loaded with treasure. I’m sure Homer had no ulterior motive there!

A running theme in the Odyssey is to be welcoming to guests. And I have a guest.

This little bird first came and sat on my lines this morning.

Then he sat on my clock.

Then he went to sleep on my table.

He remains with me to now. Chatham Island is some a 130 miles to the south east, and New Zealand is more than 250 miles behind me.

I don’t know what his maximum range is, but I think he is quite glad of the warmth and comfort of the cabin.

He was quite shy at first, but gradually grew in confidence over the day.

This afternoon, I went out to the cockpit with my guitar and played Spanish romances and remembered the Alhambra. He sat there on the mainsheet traveller – The best listener I’ve ever had. Eventually he flew over and sat on my lap while I sang some of the Australian classics. I would have loved to have taken a photo, but I dared not move for the camera.

I haven’t been able to tempt him with any food, but he seems happy enough.

I’ve not been making record breaking runs, but the days have been pleasant. The temperature was quite a bit warmer today, which allowed me to air things out and work on my tan.

Things should start to pick up over the weekend. I also grow quite close to the international date line!

My little friend just flew over and landed on my head. Oh well, I’ll just have to send another photo!!!

Latitude: -41.831, Longitude: -178.525, Time: 05:46:28 26-04-2018 UTC