Day 32

A slow day today!

Just as subtle Oddyseus was returning home to wrought vengeance on those dishonerable suiters who were harrasing faithful Penelope (Homer doesn’t muck about with his adjectives!!) , the winds dropped and I had to go out and steer.

If the wind is light enough, the wind vane can’t keep a steady course, and I spent much of today sitting in the cockpit hand steering.

It wasn’t an entirely unpleasant situation as it was quite a nice day with sunshine galore and little cloud cover.

The ocean is the flattest I’ve seen it all trip. Without waves to break up the horizon, the immediate ocean becomes much more immense!

I’m still hand steering at sunset and it grows a little chilly, so I’m rugged up with ugg boots on!

The forcast tells me that I’ll have a 10 knot northerly at about midnight local time, I might heave-to or drop sail and cook some dinner before then, however.

I cooked damper for the first time – 1 cup of self raising flour, a pinch of salt, add water and mix until dough is formed. The dough is then placed in sealable tin on a trivet and placed in my primus slow cooker which is basically a big thermos with an inner saucepan that is heated on the stove.

The result was pretty good, but I might try longer than four hours next time!

Latitude: -41.616, Longitude: 179.304, Time: 06:13:07 25-04-2018 UTC