Day 3 at sea

What a start!

A dream run out of the heads escorted by a flotilla of racing boats. A tad stresfull trying not to be hit, but I did better than Wild Oats XI! Waving at family on the heads was quite hazadous!

A lovely 10 knots soon turned into 15 notes, and I put in an early reef.

By the evening, it was blowing a stiff 20-25 knots and a second reef went in. With the waves getting higher and suffering a little in the way of sea sickness, I decided to hove-to overnight which was a wise decision.

Sunday is a bit of a blur, sick all day and fighting nasty headwinds, – The best part of seas breaking over your boat is you can vomit wherever you want and it dissapears in seconds. 🙂

I awoke early Monday to disaster!

My timber tiller arm had completely snapped through very close to where it inserts into the rudder stock. I had a good look at it before I left, and it seemed quite sound – There was hidden rot running through the bolt points.

The weather was still horrendous and getting worse, I managed to lash the rudder stock to lee to keep the boat hove-to and give me some relief from the 40 knot gusts and 4 metre seas.

I got out my trusty spare marine ply and sawed out three 1m by 60mm sections. I then had to shape it to go into the rudder stock and drill three bolt holes quite accurately. I’m not sure quite how I managed it in those conditions, but the waves may have been aggressively sworn at every time they broke over the cockpit.

My new tiller, fashioned out of three cuts of marine ply!

After a four hour struggle, I had the tiller working well and the self steering reconnected. I remained hove-to until the conditions abated somewhat. The winds changed to a gentle 10 knot tail wind and the seas abated.

Latitude: -35.08006, Longitude: 153.75099, Time: 02:53:08 26-03-2018 UTC